A Little Squirrely

Sometimes Jesse and I set out for a drive with no particular destination in mind. We love exploring San Diego and seeing all of the surrounding areas. One place that we often wind up at is the Torrey Pines Glider Port, right behind Torrey Pines Golf Course. There are incredible cliffs and a really awesome view of the ocean. As the name obviously states, it is also a glider port where people take off for a glide over the ocean. One day I am going to get the guts to try that, one day.

This past Sunday we once again found ourselves at the glider port. As we were getting out of the truck we saw a squirrel. Jesse insisted on getting a few cookies from the truck to try and lure it closer. I know that you are really not supposed to feed wild animals because it messes with the whole balance of nature and normally I wouldn’t but we did (technically Jesse did, I wasn’t as interested in being friends with them) We obviously were not the first people to do this because the squirrel(s) knew exactly what was going on. Suddenly more came from the bushes and they slowly worked their way closer and closer to us. Then the craziest thing happened, one of the squirrels came right up to Jesse and ate the cookie right out of his hand! And THEN one climbed right in his lap! We could NOT believe how outgoing they were. They didn’t seem scared of us at all. I actually got up and moved further away because, like I said, it was Jesse that was their friend, not me! Luckily I had my 70-300mm lens to capture the whole scene from a safe distance. And not to worry I asked Jesse to use hand sanitizer as soon as we were finished.

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