Guess Who’s Home!!

Tiffany! Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to take a quick home to Ohio to spend Easter with family. I figured this was the perfect time to bring Tiffany home and finally have both of our girls with us (well me, 🙁 until Jesse gets home). I think that Tiff got a better deal than Biggie. Biggie had to go the whole trip all alone in a hard carrier. Tiff was in a nice, small, soft sided carrier with plenty of zippers I could unzip to pet and comfort her during our journey.

She did AMAZING. I was worried that she would meow the whole trip and drive everyone on the plane crazy. But she didn’t make a peep. She just sat in the carrier and even purred at a few points while I was petting her. I think she was a little hot in there, but luckily I was able to keep her (in the carrier) on my lap most of the time so hopefully that kept her cooler.

When we finally made it home I set the carrier and Biggie on the bed and slowly unzipped it so they could be reintroduced. There was a lot of sniffing, a little hissing, and then they both jumped off the bed and went their separate ways. It only took about day for them to get readjusted to each other and now they are just like they used to be. I honestly think they are happy to have each other back.

We really just can’t wait for Jesse to come home so the whole family can be together!


  1. >Love this 🙂
    The pictures are amazing, of course.

  2. 3LittleMonkeys says

    >Beautiful kitties! I am glad they are with you.

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