Homemade Oreos


In the weeks leading up to my China trip, Jesse dropped several hints about bringing along some home-baked goodies. There was no question what his number one choice was, chocolate chip cookies. But other than that he left it pretty open saying he just wanted a few things that I made. Oreos have long been a favorite of his, so when I re-stumbled upon an old bookmark for homemade oreos I knew it was meant to be.

So, 2 days before I left the baking began and the results was just as good as I had hoped it would be. To be perfectly honest, if you took a bite of this cookie and then a bite of a real Oreo, I don’t think you would be fooled into thinking they are the same cookie. The homemade version is softer and chewier than the store bought, but in my book that makes them even better. Besides, I think for a lot of people the filling is really what the Oreo is all about, and this filling is pretty spot on. I filled mine the “double stuffed” way because, let’s face, go big or go home and I haven’t bought a bag of regular Oreos since being introduced to the double stuffed variety.

I tried a few different ways of packing the Oreos but I was afraid to lose any of that delicious filling and God forbid the beautiful cookies get smooshed! Finally, I decided that Oreo had the right idea storing the cookie in a “sleeve”. I had an empty plastic wrap box and once I lined it with Parchment paper it was PERFECT for storing and transporting the cookies. All cookies made it to China in one piece and were thoroughly enjoyed by Jesse (and me!).



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  1. The Eborns

    >Looks delicious. I am going to have to try this recipe!

  2. Shannon

    >Wow. These look incredible. Oreos are so perfect, and I'm usually like, "why mess with a good thing?", but these look to good to pass up. I may just try them this weekend!

  3. vanillaextrachel

    >I cannot wait to try these! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sue/the view from great island

    >Your oreos look especially good! Your photo is amazing, it makes me want to bite into one.

  5. MBA Gal

    >These look so great!! I definitely want to try this- and I love your packaging idea too!

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