Spiced Roll-Out Sugar Cookies


These little guys taste just as festive as they look, like rich bites of pie crust that have soaked up the spices of a pumpkin pie. Mmmm… How cute would these be as a part of your Thanksgiving dessert spread? If you’d like the recipe then hop on over to Dainty Chef where I am guest posting today!


  1. >LOVE these! I am so going to make them for Thanksgiving!!

  2. >Super cute!!

  3. >I can attest to these! They are SO good! Thanks for packing them and sharing this weekend, Jessica!

  4. >Hey, Jessica! It was so great meeting you at Foodbuzz this weekend.

    Those cookies are absolutely adorable. What a great idea for a fall treat!

  5. >@ Courtney – It was great meeting you too! What a fun weekend!

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