Instagram Week 5

Things are moving right along for us here in China. Looks like we are in it for the long haul now, this weekend we even got the key to our new home, an apartment just a few kilometers away from the hotel. It’s great that we will have a comfortable place to call home, but the most exciting part (for me) is having my own kitchen, with an oven to boot (most Chinese kitchens do not have ovens, we had to specially request one to be put in)! Getting to go shopping for the necessary home goods is pretty fun, too. This past weekend we even made a trip to Shanghai to shop at Ikea. I love Ikea (probably too much).

Aside from the business with the apartment this weekend, we also celebrated St.Patrick’s the Chinese way! Having spent a really good chunk of my life both doing and teaching Irish dancing, St.Patrick’s day is pretty important to me, so I was very excited to find a local *Irish* band performing at the hotel bar on Friday and Saturday evening!

Anyway, here a few of my favorite Instagram pictures from the week!

The new kitchen! It’s a little small, but it will do the job! I’ll post more pictures when I have it fully stocked!

There is a small Italian restaurant near the hotel and they had a band one night. Their playlist included “When the Saint’s Go Marching In” and “Rudpolph the Rednose Reindeer”.

Friday night pre-St.Patrick’s day celebration at the hotel bar.

Saturday shopping at Ikea.

Saturday evening St.Patrick’s day celebration. Even in China, everyone is Irish on St.Patrick’s day!

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