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Corn Casserole

A few weeks ago I was making Jalapeno Popper Chicken for dinner but I was at a total loss of what to serve with it. I knew we would have a side salad but I felt like I still wanted something else. Suddenly corn casserole popped into my head and it seemed like the perfect fit. So I did a little searching but I was a disappointed with what I found. Pretty much every recipe called for a canned corn and Jiffy cornbread. I don’t love canned corn and I knew a box of Jiffy would be a difficult find in Suzhou (and probably expensive if I found it!).

At that point I had my heart set on corn casserole, so I continued on the hunt for a from-scratch recipe. I never did find one that was everything I was looking for, but I did find one that looked like a good starting point. I made a few adjustments and cut the recipe in half so we wouldn’t have leftovers for a week. I’m really happy with how it turned and happy to have another side dish to add to the rotation.



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    I love corn casserole, and any baked corn recipe. Yours is beautiful!

  2. Mari Hernandez-Tuten

    Hey there, I wondered if the cream cheese ingredient was a typo since it wasn’t in the directions and it wasn’t in the recipe you adapted it from? Let me know, thanks.

    1. Jessica

      It was not a typo, I added cream cheese to make up for the heavy cream that I excluded in my version! It is whisked in with the other ingredients. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Correction made!

  3. Mari

    Thx, I just added it anyways and figured I couldn’t go wrong with cream cheese. lol

    1. Jessica

      So true!

  4. Crystal

    Thank you THANK YOU for this! I have been searching far and wide for a real food version of this dish and can’t tell you how many “from scratch” recipes included Jiffy mix and canned creamed corn. I’m kind of a purist and really appreciate this find. I have it printed out and ready to go. Cannot wait to try it!

  5. Nancy

    Instructions do not include what to do with the egg. Since I am in the middle of making this dish, I am going to add the egg to the wet mixture.

    1. Jessica

      You are correct, sorry for the confusion! The correction has been made to the recipe!

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