Easy Cinnamon Roll Muffins

When I was younger I used to love these prepackaged cinnamon roll muffin things. They might have even come in a low-fat version…. I can’t remember the brand name (maybe it’s Hostess?), but man did I love those little devils. I can even recall coming across them in a vending machine and feeling like I had won the lottery. Nowadays, I prefer my sweet treats to have ingredients that I can pronounce, but I can still appreciate the idea behind my old favorites.

A few weekends ago I lazily rolled out of bed well after 9 with a very strong craving for cinnamon rolls. Not wanting to wait hours for the whole process, I had to go on an internet search for something else to have with our eggs.Then I remembered something from my friend Josie’s blog. Sure enough, easy cinnamon roll muffins sounded perfect, and totally reminded me of the treats I used to eat.

What I really like about these is how quickly they come together, you don’t even have to preheat the oven! I also like how they still have light yeasty taste to go along with the cinnamon sweetness. No, they are not a perfect replacement for real cinnamon rolls. But they are a still a great, quick, easy, sweet treat.


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  1. Rachel

    Yum! These both look and sound amazing. I cannot wait for an excuse to try them. I'm sure I won't hold out long. 😉

  2. Krystal Regueiro

    OMG…I'm totally drooling for cinnamon everything right now and then you go and post these amazing beauties. I'm going to have to add these to my menu next week because I need these in my stomach like yesterday.

  3. Amber

    I definitely have to give these a try! They look scrumptious.

  4. Xtine

    I made these yesterday with a bunch of preschoolers, I love that the batter was fluid enough for them to actually stir. They were very tasty, I'll be making them again I'm sure. I added a few drops of orange bloosom water to the icing, it was extra yummy.

  5. Ann S.

    I made these today and they were easy, but there was WAY too much yeast in the recipe. I saw that when I read through the recipe, but since another review said they were tasty, against my better judgement, I didn't alter the amount. Big mistake. I don't know how the original “store bought” cakes tasted – perhaps it was just like this, but it isn't something my family would even finish eating.

    1. Jessica

      Thanks for the feedback, Ann! We didn't think they were too yeasty, but, there were comments/reviews on Joy the Baker's post about the amount of yeast. I think it boils down to personal taste and maybe even strength of the yeast used. I will add a note to the recipe mentioning your review!

  6. Simone

    Hi – I love cinnamon and made these last weekend – they were perfect!! My whole neighborhood was happy:)
    Greetings from South-Germany and thanks for the recipe.

  7. Emily Keaton

    I’ve made this recipe two weeks in a row now. My family LOVES them! Thanks so much for sharing it. I passed it on to a friend who sampled one at my house yesterday, too. DELICIOUS!

    1. Jessica

      So glad you like them!

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