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Mexican Lasagna

I have never understood how people could not like beans. Even as a kid, when my friends would turn their nose up to chili and baked beans I would think, “More for me!” Now that I am adult, I appreciate them even more. Not only are they tasty, they are also perfect for rounding out the proteins in a meatless meal. Even Jesse, who is a meat and potatoes kind of boy, enjoys many of the dishes I make with beans. Sometimes he doesn’t even notice the meat is missing.

This lasagna was another great example of how a meatless meal can be every bit as satisfying and delicious as a meat-full meal. I’ve made this several times now and each time think that I can’t wait to make it again. And, I feel like I say this a lot, but it can also be pretty adaptable to your personal tastes. Sometimes I want it on the spicier side, so I add jalapeno rings and extra cayenne pepper. Other times I want it smokier so I add more cumin (and maybe a pinch of smoked paprika!). Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!




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  1. I loved this recipe and agree it's a fantastic meatless meal (one of my faves!)…you'd expect ground taco seasoned beef to be a part of it but its totally not missed. Great photo!

  2. Nicole, RD

    Beautiful photo! This looks so good!

  3. thewaytohisheart

    The Mexican Stuffed Shells are big in my family so I'm going to have to try this. It looks delicious!

  4. Josie

    I made this about a month ago when my dad came to visit, and we all loved it. I love your idea of using salsa for some of the tomatoes!

  5. Kelsey

    Gorgeous photos of a delicious dish!

  6. Mela J

    I have made this many time, using flout tortillas instead of lasagna- equally delicious. Serve with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream.

  7. Kathy @ FoodWineThyme

    What a great idea. Can’t believe I haven’t thought of this.

  8. Danielle

    this is probably gonna sound dumb, but I’m new to freezing meals, so do I freeze it after its all cooked then I can re-heat later or do I freeze the pan before actually “baking for 45 min” ?

    1. Jessica

      Not dumb at all! I froze this before baking. So I assembled all the layers, covered it with plastic wrap, covered it with foil, and froze. When I was ready to use it I took the plastic wrap off and recovered with foil and baked. It will probably take closer to an hour if you bake from frozen.

  9. cp

    Hello there! Just wondering how I could make this into a 13×9 dish instead? Should I just add more of the mixture & noodles?
    Thanks! It looks so yummy!

    1. Jessica

      I think it would definitely work in a 9×13, but I think I would probably double the filling/noodles.

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