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Crockpot Pork and Sauerkraut

Sometimes I make and post things with a pretty good feeling that it will be well received (case in point –  Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread). Other times I make and post things that I love, but I pretty much know going into it that it’s not going to blow-up Pinterest. This is one of those things. I LOVE Pork and Sauerkraut with . It’s major comfort food for me. But it’s sauerkraut, so you either love it or hate it.

If you do love sauerkraut, this meal should be right up your alley. Warm and filling with the perfect tang from the sauerkraut. Bonus points for a short ingredient list and easy crockpot recipe. If you don’t love sauerkraut, just check back later this week when I will be sharing another pumpkin recipe that I think you’ll like. 🙂



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  1. Kelsey

    I love sauerkraut. And how much better could it get than throwing a bunch of things you love into the slow cooker? SCORE!

  2. Sprigs of Rosemary

    Pork and sauerkraut is Mr. Rosemary’s all-time favorite meal. He likes to have kielbasi and hot dogs thrown in, too. Could pass on the mashed potatoes. (Not me! Guess that’s why he’s skinnier!) You’ve done a nice job making a good photo of it. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully! 🙁

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