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Strawberry Sorbet

As much as I love rich and decadent chocolate desserts, I think it’s also important to balance your menu. So if you have really heavy dinner, you’re probably better off going with a lighter, more refreshing, dessert. Today I’m taking that ¬†lighter approach to Valentine’s day.

Sorbet is cold and refreshing and a nice lower-fat alternative to ice cream. But don’t confuse this sorbet with that neon rainbowy stuff from your childhood. This sorbet is PACKED with a sweet powerful strawberry punch and naturally has the most beautiful reddish-magenta color. It would really be the perfect finish to a heavy Valentine’s dinner.


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  1. niki @ Three Square Chef

    This looks beautiful and I love that it is a fairly heathly dessert option. I think I will add this to our V-day menu!

  2. niki @ Three Square Chef

    ps-about how much does this make?

    1. Jessica

      Thanks for asking, I forgot to include that! The recipe said it would make 3 cups but I got just under 2 1/2 cups.

      1. niki

        Thank you!

  3. Kelsey

    What a great recipe, Jess! I am banking this refreshing dessert for when the temps heat up here in Phoenix which should be about, oh…four days from now. I love your Grand Marnier sub; I think I’d like that flavor better. The alcohol, even a tiny splash, helps with the consistency because it requires a lower freezing temp, which keeps the sorbet from getting too hard. Love the photos, too!

  4. How gorgeous is this dessert! I keep forgetting about making sorbets when thinking of sweet treats. Luckily for us SoCal peeps, we have fresh strawberries all the time. I think it’s time to bust out the ice cream maker and make a pint or two of this!! YUM!

  5. Sandra @ Kitchen Apparel

    I would LOVE to make this for Valentine’s Day. I have been looking for healthy ideas and this one is perfect!!! I just can’t get good strawberries anywhere…good thing Strawberry season is right around the corner for us on the east cost of the USA.

  6. Linda

    This has become my “go to” strawberry sorbet recipe. I’ve made it many times over the last few summers. The strawberry flavor really stands out because you don’t dilute the mashed strawberries with water…just add sugar. The little bit of alcohol keeps the sorbet from getting rock hard in the freezer. Try this recipe before you try any others.

    1. Jessica


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