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Weekend Dish – 5/11

Weekend Dish is a place for me to get a little more personal! If you just come to Sunny Side Up for the food, feel free to skip this post but be sure to check back next week for new food photos and recipes!

First, Happy Mother’s day! I wish I were in Ohio celebrating with my own mom, but I am so thankful for modern communication allowing us to to chat on the phone and text throughout the day. To the rest of the mom’s out there, hope you’ve had a great day so far. Thank you for all that you do as a mom!

Blog Recap


Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcakes  – I made these for my good friend Krystal’s virtual baby shower. They are so, so delicious and rich.

Creamy Taco Mac – This is a dish I’ve been making for a long time and I was finally able to get a blog-worthy photo. It’s like a  homemade Hamburger Helper. Easy, delicious, and not terribly bad for you.


Pregnancy Update


I took this photo (another super bathroom self-pic) on Wednesday when I was officially 23 weeks. I don’t feel like I grew much this past week, but I do notice that I struggle to do weird things now. Getting off the couch or out of bed is just a little more difficult than it used to be!

I thought it might be fun to start using this space to answer some of those cheesy pregnancy journal questions.

How far along? 23 weeks

Baby’s size (in fruit)? Grapefruit

Cravings? Lemonade (a first trimester craving coming back full force) and cookie dough (I’m thinking about making an egg free batch tonight to finally indulge!)

Movement? Lots of flips and turns. She went through a phase where she really liked to kick my belly button.

Looking forward to? I’m really looking forward to traveling back to Ohio in a few weeks for my baby shower!

My week through Instagram


I can’t go a week without sharing a photo of my sweet cats. The other day I walked in on them both passed out on the (unmade) bed. Cat life is tough, but someone’s got to do it.

Our sweet baby girl is already so lucky and loved. She got her first package in the mail! The start of what I am sure will be a nice little collection of pink. Thanks to my mother-in-law for the sweet package!


I’ve been pretty diligent about making a meal plan and sticking to it for the last several weeks, but for some reason Fridays are hard. This Friday I was having major Chinese food cravings. Specifically the green beans that I loved so much when we lived there. We went to a new restaurant and they had them on the menu! Unfortunately they were AS good as the real deal in China, but they were close enough!

Remember last week when I said when went to Sunset Cliffs? We really wanted to get down to the tide pools but we couldn’t find an easy way down. After talking to some coworkers, Jesse figured out where the stairs were so we went back again yesterday. It was amazing down there. My baby bump fit in perfectly amongst the round bumpy rocks. 🙂


Things I’m loving


Fetal Heart Doppler – Around week 12 I got really nervous one day and ordered a prenatal home doppler online. I try not to use it compulsively but it’s nice to be able to get a quick listen. It’s also awesome because you can hook it up to your computer and record the heartbeat. We listened and recorded last night and sent the audio to our moms this morning for mother’s day. It’s amazing.

Camelbak Waterbottles – Sometimes I struggle with keeping myself hydrated. I just don’t think about filling up a glass of water. With one of these water bottles it’s so much easier. It holds 32 ounces and I just do my best to finish one or two a day, on top of whatever I drink with meals. I like this particular water bottle because it’s easy to carry and has the retractable mouthpiece.

That’s a wrap! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Have a great weekend and be sure to check back later this week, I’ll be sharing the recipe for the first batch of ice cream I made this season. Yum!

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  1. Nikki

    Wow! I’ve never heard of that home doppler thingy!! Wish I would’ve had one during my pregnancies. So cool!! You’re looking beautiful, Jess. You wear pregnancy very well!! xoxo

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