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Weekend Dish – 6/16

Weekend Dish is a place for me to get a little more personal! If you just come to Sunny Side Up for the food, feel free to skip this post but be sure to check back next week for new food photos and recipes!

In a way today was Jesse’s first Father’s day! We celebrated by having a cookout with both of our dads and my grandpa. We had a great time and I even got back in the kitchen a little bit. Unfortunately, my camera battery died and we cannot find the battery charger ANYWHERE! Which means it is in one of our Uhaul boxes. In one of the hundreds (slight exaggeration) of boxes. I have a feeling I am going to need to just buy a new one if I want to take pictures anytime soon. Hopefully I don’t get too out of practice. 🙂 And luckily I still have some photos in my computer archive.

Speaking of archives, I actually managed to sneak in a blog post this week. I didn’t promote it on Facebook (or anywhere really) so if you missed it, here it is!

Blog Recap –

tortillas Homemade Flour Tortillas – Just try them! You’ll be blown away and never want to go back to store bought again! Don’t be intimidated. They actually come together very quickly and you can make a big batch and keep them frozen, so they are still grab and go for easy weeknight dinners!

Pregnancy Update –


So, without even realizing it, I have surpassed the 100 day mark!! Eeekkk! Actually I passed it a few weeks ago, I’m down to 80 days now. I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was looking at a ticker and reading “200 days until baby is due”. And now here we are, in the double digits! She is on her way and there is no slowing down time now. I think the best comparison I can give right now is from my wedding planning days. We picked the date almost a year in advance and I remember it felt like the actual day would never come. Then, just like a roller coaster, that slow climbing cart started whizzing down hill! I’m definitely feeling like we are in the down hill whizzing stage.

Other than the whole living in limbo while we work out job locations, we are actually feeling pretty well prepared. We both have cars eats. We have the Pack n’ Play. We have clothes, toys, and other baby gear galore. I’m even starting to build up a nice cloth diaper collection (thank you, surprise Target sale!). Although we need her to stay in there and bake a while longer, she is the next big piece of the puzzle (well that and a new place to call home ;))! 

My week through Instagram –


First there was pouring rain.


And then the sun came out.


Saturday we went boating with Jesse’s parents, his sister, and their dog. At one point everyone was in the water so the pup and I held down the boat.


My cousin called me to let me know that one of the local Target’s had Charlie Banana cloth diapers on clearance for more than 50% off. Jesse and I ran up there and grabbed a bunch. In total we got 10 diapers for just a little over $80. We went to another local Target and they were not on sale. We compared the prices and we saved over $100!! Woohoo for surprise sales!

That’s a wrap! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Have a great week and be sure to check back later in the week for a new recipe!

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