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Giant Chewy Oatmeal M&M Cookies

Things have been so quiet around here and I would like to apologize, but since I’ve been spending my time cuddling the world’s cutest baby instead of posting I’m kind of sorry not sorry. One day I hope to be able to better balance baby cuddling time with food blogging time, but until then, can I make it up to you by sharing a picture of the world’s cutest baby?

Are still trying to decide what kind of cookies to leave out for Santa? Can I make a suggestion? How about these Giant Chewy Oatmeal M&M Cookies? They are soft, chewy, giant, with the perfect touch of crunchy M&M chocolate. The oatmeal isn’t overwhelming, but it adds a nice texture to the cookies.




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  1. Kelsey

    Love this adaptation, Jess! Oatmeal cookies and M & Ms are two of my absolute faves, so you really hit this one out of the park. And your baby girl–I can’t get enough of that sweet face and that hair!

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