You may remember, or have noticed, that I used to have another food blog, What’s Cooking in the Orange Kitchen. That food blog is what really ignited my passion for cooking and baking, so you might be wondering why I decided to start a whole new blog instead of picking up the old one. Well, for a few reasons. One, I wasn’t sure when I started back if it I would dedicate this blog entirely to food, like my last one. As it turns out, food is where my passion lies and I can’t help it, I’m just a food blogger. Two, even though I have now declared Sunny Side Up as a food blog, I find myself having a different voice. This blog has become more than just a place to share recipes, it is also a place for me to share stories. Maybe it’s because I’m more mature or maybe it’s just because I’m more talkative now, who knows. Three, my life just feels sunny side up right now. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s closer to where I want it to be than it ever has been before and I’m pretty proud of that. And finally reason number four, sadly I do not have an Orange Kitchen anymore.

Will you just look at all that counter space? :*(

Having said all of that, there were some posts that I was particularly proud of on that ole blog of mine. Maybe I liked the photo I took, or the recipe is one I go back to time and time again, or maybe it was just so good I sometimes can’t stop thinking about it… Whatever the reason I decided to move some of my old favorites to the new blog. At first I intended to have a straight forward Top 25. Then I realized there were a few more that NEEDED to be added. So it became Top 30. And darnit if I didn’t realize I had selected 31 when I added the label Top 30. Rather than kicking 1 post off the island I just left it. So, if you take a little look over at the labels on the right, you’ll find one that says Old Blog Top 30 (with a 31 next to it to remind you that I can not count).

You might recognize some of the pictures from the wall skin I have in my kitchen! You’ll also notice a LACK of counter space

To the top of each post I added a note saying it was imported from the old blog. But other than that I did not do any editing to the post (unless otherwise noted later down the road). If you come across something crazy or if something doesn’t look right, PLEASE, let me know!

Finally, I started a Facebook fan page. If you would “Like” my page, I would really like you. 🙂